Streeterville Neighborhood

Streeterville Neighborhood Border
People and websites can tell you over and over the streets where the Streeterville neighborhood ends and Gold Coast or River North begins, but if you are new to the area and do not know the streets, what good does that do you? That said, below is an interactive map that easily outlines the Streeterville neighborhood.

Streeterville covers an area of approximately 0.237 square miles and has a population of 6,419. That comes out to be approximately 27,054 people per square mile, which is significantly higher than Chicago’s average of 11,919 people per square mile. As expected, the neighborhoods closest to downtown Chicago will be the most densely populated due to the demand for living close to the center of Chicago.

This demand also drives up the price of rentals and housing values for this area given the limited amount of space. Rents typically range from $1,500 all the way up to $5,000 per month depending on the size, location and the level of luxury of the apartment building. Condos range from $300,000 to $1,000,000+ depending on your needs. Parking is relatively steep too, ranging from $150 to upwards of $400 per month. In summary, this is not the thriftiest neighborhood to live in, but given the perks of living close to the lake, the beach, the Loop, dog parks, running routes, the heart of nightlife and all of the fantastic attractions Chicago has to offer, it is definitely worth a consideration.

If you would like an enlarged map of the area, click on the following link to access a larger map of the Streeterville neighborhood.

Streeterville Demographics Discussion
Living in Streeterville you are close to dog parks, the wonderful Lakeshore Drive running route, the beautiful Ohio Street beach and the other beautiful Chicago attractions.

Streeterville male versus female residents as a percentage of total residents in 2011.

Streeterville male versus female residents as a ercentage of total residents in 2011.

As for the people who live here, my impression is that the majority of the residents in Streeterville are either in med school or the medical industry (given the close proximity to Northwestern Hospital), well educated or are relatively well off. Additionally, the vast majority of the Streeterville population happens to be more attractive and nicer relative to the population of the rest of the country. People generally are in good shape here and tend to stay active.

Streeterville Demographic Summary
The demographics of Streeterville are based off of 2011 data. This data is sourced from

  • Streeterville zip code is 60611
  • Male population: 2,828 or 44%
  • Female population: 3,591 or 56%
  • Median male age: 47.3
  • Median female age: 45.8
  • Average household size: 1.5
  • % of family households: 16%
  • % of married couple households: 26.9%
  • % of married couples with children: 37.8%
  • % of never married males 15 years+: 18.7%
  • % of never married females 15 years+: 25.0%

There are many Streeterville apartments (3,010 units in 2011, likely materially higher today) to choose from in Streeterville. In 2011, apartment units comprised approximately 53% of the total housing inventory in the Streeterville neighborhood. Over the last couple of years, apartment rental rates across the entire city of Chicago have sky-rocketed. In Streeterville, back in 2011 the median monthly rental rate was $1,318.

Streeterville share of apartment units versus the share of houses and condos.

Streeterville share of apartment units versus the share of houses and condos.

Older buildings may have one bedroom apartments available around $1,700 per month with ~850 square foot in a building built in the 1970s. A newer building with new appliances, granite counter tops, washer and dryer and the standard suite of amenities, can run at least $2,000 per month for a convertible unit and upwards of $2,200.

Streeterville has many condos to choose from (approximately 2,703 units in 2011) to either buy or rent. Yes, rent. Leading up to the financial crisis of 2007-2009, there were many condos purchased as an investment that were intended to be occupied by the owner. When the financial crisis hit, the resale market for these condo units declined significantly forcing many owners to rent at well below market levels. The market is not as good for renters as it was back then, but a very good deal comes up occasionally and sometimes you can score a beautiful unit at well below market rental rates. You can source these units on craigslist (not recommended if you are new to Chicago) or a really good rental broker that knows the market very well. Savings on these units can be material.

However, if you are ready to live in Streeterville on a longer-term time-frame, you have a great selection of high-end condos to purchase. In the Streeterville neighborhood prices for condo units can range from $300,000 to $1,000,000+. As with the apartments detailed profile page, I will be creating a detailed profile page for condo buildings within the Streeterville neighborhood. Stay tuned.

Chicago has many things to offer, below is a list of offerings located in the Streeterville neighborhood:

Navy Pier Ferris Wheel with Chicago downtown skyline in the background.

Navy Pier Ferris Wheel with Chicago downtown skyline in the background.

1. Navy Pier: Navy Pier is one of Chicago’s historic locations and has been a Chicago landmark since opening in 1916. It is Chicago’s number 1 tourist location, attracting 8.6 million tourists a year. However, it was originally designed as both a shipping and recreational facility and served as a training center during both world wars for the Navy. During the 1970s and 1980s, Navy Pier fell into disuse and the State of Illinois began an initiative to redesign the pier and once again turn it into a significant Chicago attraction. In 1989, the Metropolitan Pier and Exposition Authority (same organization that oversees the McCormick Place expo center) acquired ownership of the pier and began the redesign phase. The end result was the creation of Gateway Park, Crystal Gardens and the installation of various public art and the Smith Museum of Stained Glass Windows. Gateway Park consists of 19 acres of a park with a beautiful fountain and various attractions including a Ferris Wheel. Crystal Gardens is a unique indoor palm court with six story high glass atrium and more than 70 palm trees alongside various seasonal flowers and plants. In addition to Gateway Park and Crystal Gardens, there are various pieces of interesting public art. The Chicago Children’s Museum is also located at Navy Pier in addition to all the above.

The front entrance of the Chicago Children's Museum, the fourth largest children's museum in the United States.

The front entrance of the Chicago Children’s Museum, the fourth largest children’s museum in the United States.

2. Children’s Museum: The Chicago Children’s Museum was founded in 1982 by the Junior League of Chicago. It is now the fourth largest children’s museum in the United States. According to the museum’s website, it serves 650,000 people a year. Although there is an admission charge, children ages 15 and under can visit for free from 5:00 PM to 8:00 PM and all day on the first Sunday of each month.

3. Milton Lee Olive Park: The Milton Lee Olive Park is adjacent to Navy Pier and has plenty of walking trails with beautiful views of Chicago’s finest buildings. The park itself is home to water filtration plants, but if I did not note that you would never know because its spectacular views and trails hide it so well.

4. Ohio Street Beach: Ohio Street beach is located in Streeterville and is attached to the Jane Addams Memorial Park and the Jardine Water Filtration Plant. The beach faces north and the Lakefront Trail goes through it. Due to its unusual orientation, Ohio Street Beach serves as an ideal training site for open water swimming. People training for open water swimming can swim north approximately 0.5 miles (800 m) to the Oak Street curve without ever being more than a few feet from the seawall and shallow water. Click here to see a video of the Ohio Street Beach during the winter and here to see a video of Jane Addams Memorial Park during the winter.

Dog Ownership in Streeterville
Owning a dog in Streeterville is extremely convenient. First off, there are many dog or pet friendly apartments in the Streeterville neighborhood. These units come fitted with special carpets which allow for easier cleaning. Additionally, Streeterville has at least seven parks or areas where you can play with your dog or pet. But the best feature of all is the fact there is Lakeshore Drive, on which you can run or walk with your dog for countless miles.

All of the above are enough to move into Streeterville with your dog or pet. In addition to all of the above positives for dog or pet life, there are numerous specialty pet shops within the area. Shops that provide specialty high quality dog food, toys and other items.