The Streeter Apartment

The Streeter is right across the road from Streeter Place and interestingly enough both of these apartment complexes were developed by the same developer. That said, The Streeter is also a luxurious apartment complex with contemporary undertones. All of the units include high end appliances and fixtures. This apartment complex also has an outdoor pool on the 12th floor with hot tubs inside on the same level. Other amenities include a gym, steam room, dry cleaners, valet service, media room and cyber cafe. Click here to find out more about The Streeter apartment complex.

The theme of The Streeter is that of a modern contemporary artistic look and each unit feels very luxurious when compared to other apartment complexes in the Streeterville neighborhood. Generally, the fixtures, appliances and layout just feels better and this is what it should feel like since this apartment complex is less than five years old.

I have to admit that the views from The Streeter apartment complex building are second to none as there is very minimal obstruction by other high rises.