Downtown Chicago Apartments Near Northwestern Memorial Hospital

You are a healthcare / medical professional under the employ of Northwestern Memorial Hospital, but you’re new to downtown Chicago. Where should you live?

Moving to a brand new city can be tough, especially if this brand new city is as large as Chicago. What also makes it tougher is having a short amount of time to find a place to live that works with your current lifestyle and is not far from your workplace.Young Male Doctor

Northwestern Memorial Hospital is located on 251 East Huron Street, Chicago, IL 60611, within the beautiful Streeterville neighborhood located in downtown Chicago. Given the close proximity to Northwestern Memorial Hospital, Streeterville is clearly one of the top neighborhoods to live in if you are a healthcare / medical professional working at the hospital. Another neighborhood in close proximity would be Gold Coast. Yet another that is a fantastic place to live as a young single person would be River North, but the proximity to Northwestern Memorial Hospital is not as good as Streeterville. Below we discuss some of the pros and cons of living in Streeterville as a healthcare / medical professional.


  1. Walking distance to Northwestern Memorial Hospital.
  2. Located in downtown Chicago near Lake Michigan, Navy Pier and the Magnificent Mile.
  3. Great jogging routes up / down Lakeshore Drive with spectacular views of the lake.
  4. Walking distance to historic Chicago Loop landmarks (i.e. the Bean, Grant Park, etc.)
  5. Near Jane Addams Memorial Park.
  6. Lots of smaller dog parks located within the Streeterville neighborhood.
  7. Beautiful views of the lake and city from many of the Streeterville neighborhood high-rise apartments and condominiums.
  8. Lots of coffee shops for studying medical “stuff.”
  9. Many other healthcare / medical professionals live in the Streeterville neighborhood.
  10. There are two fantastic beaches within walking distance, Ohio Street Beach in Streeterville and Oak Street Beach in the Gold Coast neighborhood.
  11. One can live very easily without a car.


  1. Although the cost of living varies in Streeterville, the majority of the apartments or condominium high-rise buildings can get relatively expensive. However, there is this saying that “You have to pay-to-play.”
  2. Although there are three nearby grocery stores (within 0.3 miles), none are convenient enough to carry back a medium load of groceries on foot.
  3. Garage parking in Streeterville can get costly with monthly fees of $200-$500. However, sometimes your apartment or condominium building will offer specials and it is very easy to live without a car in Streeterville.

The pros clearly out way the cons in this situation. To find out more about the Streeterville neighborhood in terms of statistics and demographics, click on the link. If you want to jump directly to the page of apartments in the Streeterville neighborhood, click on the link.

Streeterville is an excellent place to live and spend your time during your leisure. However, if you do not mind a slightly longer walk to work (Northwestern Memorial Hospital) and you enjoy a more fast paced lifestyle, then River North is a good option for you. To find out more about the River North neighborhood in terms of statistics and demographics click on the link. If you are interested in learning more about the apartments in the River North neighborhood, please click on the link.

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